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Pekay Goldensoul’s Blue Skye Credit CD RN CA DN CGCA TKP​ OD

Skye earned the prestigious Outstanding Dam award from our National Club, the GRCA. Skye was our Southern Belle cuddler with a strong retrieving drive. She dominated in the water and was fearless with her diving and underwater swimming. She was our “talker,” vocalizing her messages throughout the day. Skye was an explorer as she enjoyed den-building under our deck and watching the local wildlife. Her outstanding Rally Novice scores earned her an invitation to the Rally Novice National in 2013! Skye demonstrated her drive through earning her Dock Novice (DN) and Lure Coursing (CA) titles! As a Senior, she earned her Dock Diving Advanced title in 2019! Skye was the quintessential “mother!” She loved raising her puppies, grand-puppies, and great-grand pups! Skye was a sweet, gentle soul devoted to her GoldenSoul family!​ She produced numerous Service and Therapy Dogs.


Skye’s Health Clearances:​
Hip clearance: GR-108908G24F-VPI
Elbow clearance: GR-EL29410F24-VPI
Eye clearance: GR-EYE9191/87F-VPI
Heart clearance: GR-CA23180/17F/C-VPI
PRA1, PRA2, PRA prcd-PRA Clear



When Skye met Tracker! Happy 7th Birthday, Skye!

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