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We Are The GoldenSoul Caretakers


Our Mission as Caretakers

To raise happy, healthy dogs throughout their life cycles. We develop each dog’s potential by pursuing a range of opportunities, activities, training, and canine competitive events. These limitless possibilities offer continuous education, growth, and enjoyment for us and our extended GoldenSoul family. We value diverse experiences and relationships which have developed because of our dogs and enjoy sharing the fun and successes with others.

To enhance our Golden Retriever breeding program and comprehensive Puppy Matching Process. Because it takes a pack to raise a puppy, we support our extended GoldenSoul family from puppyhood, through adulthood, and over the Rainbow Bridge. To enjoy our dogs to the fullest and share that joy with others. After all, who doesn’t love a Golden?

A Message from Jenny

I have had many dogs in my life, and each one holds wonderful memories that I will forever treasure.  My first dog was a Cocker Spaniel named Butch…not sure who named him that but he certainly lived up to his name. Butch lived with my family until I was 3, and then he moved to a farm as he needed more room to run.   My best memory of Butch was watching him eat with his ears pulled back to keep them out of his food.

The next dog I got was a Christmas surprise we named Corky.  He was supposed to be a Border Collie, but I think there was a bit of a mix in him.  Corky was my childhood friend living until he was 17 years old. I helped train Corky to do the usual tricks,  but Corky’s claim to fame was being a bird dog. My Dad trained him to retrieve pheasants. Now imagine how hard that must have been!  My job was to clean Corky after a day of hunting which meant we spent a lot of time together as I washed and brushed him. Corky was my pal. I went to college, and Corky’s health went downhill. I never felt so alone as the day I got the phone call that Corky had to be put to sleep.


Watney, a Labrador Retriever, was my first dog as an adult.   My ex-husband and I were going to do everything right with Watney. Watney and I went to obedience classes which we absolutely loved.  She went everywhere with me and was an excellent people dog and a quick learner. I had hopes of competing in obedience with her and even bought a book on tracking.  Looking back I see how naïve I really was about


teaching a dog.  So one dog wasn’t enough, and we got a Newfoundland named Baloo. Baloo came from anexcellent line of Newfs, and I decided that I would take obedience and show handling classes with him. We had a great time. Baloo was a quick learner and eager to do well. We even began some basic water work.  Ah but then I decided to have a baby. So dog work went on the back burner and Watney and Baloo became big sister and brother to my daughter. She learned to walk holding on to Baloo’s fur. Watney became ill and passed away at the age of 6 from kidney failure. Baloo carried on being the big brother and even learned to pull her wagon. Tragedy struck poor Baloo and he died much too young.  We were devastated.  His breeder called us and had a 2 year old Newf that had been returned.  Cappy entered our lives. He became the constant companion for my daughter and son. Cappy was the loveable giant.  He was a well- loved bear who just wanted to be around kids all the time. Cappy lived a good life and passed away at the age of 10.

Fast forward a few years through a divorce. A new breed enters my life with Bailee and Splash, Nancy’s Golden Retrievers. I am in Golden love!!! I had many wonderful years with these 2 sweethearts and was devastated at their passing.  I thought I would never stop crying.  Little did I know that at that time our boy Tracker was entering the world ready to begin his life with us. Skye came shortly after.  Now I am fulfilling my dreams of working with dogs in the show ring and in obedience. I put Rally Novice titles on Tracker and Skye, and we are getting ready for Beginner Novice in obedience.

I love each of my dogs and honor what they have taught me on this journey. I hold each one in my heart and know that they will greet me someday.

On a side note, I am a 4th grade teacher with the Perkiomen Valley School District. I guess that is why I am a storyteller and value education both in school and out.

A Message from Nancy

For as long as I can remember I was interested in breeding dogs. It’s the care of the mom, whelping, and raising the newborns that are a joy for me. I’ve had dogs my entire life, including an English Springer Spaniel when I was a baby; a rescue mutt I brought home in 4th grade; a brindle Great Dane, a black Great Dane, my first Golden, a German Shorthair Pointer, and Goldens Bailee/Splash/Tracker/Skye/Sage/Tang/ZipADee! I started training dogs when I was 13 and had to get special permission to attend obedience classes instead of my mom. I’ve always had a knack for relating to animals, dogs in particular.

I’ve always said that dogs saved my life, in particular my first Great Dane who, in retrospect, was my “therapy dog” during a difficult childhood. I was inspired in 6th Grade by the Disney movie, “The Ugly Dachshund,” to get a Great Dane. I saved my money, pestered my parents (I am known to be highly persistent in pursuing my dreams), and poured over the Dogs For Sale ads in the paper until I found one that my parents would let me keep, as long as I trained her. Stately (named after the PA State Dog AND her calm, stately presence) was her name and she was the talk of the neighborhood. She was the sweetest girl! In the movie, the story revolved around a pregnant show dog and I believe that sowed the seeds of my interest in breeding and showing dogs, but that would take time to come to fruition.


Eventually, I bought my first Golden Retriever and have never looked back. I bred a litter when I was single and then another years later when my son was in elementary school. It was so much work, but I LOVED it! I wanted to do more, but it wasn’t the time. I had also dabbled in showing dogs but again, the time just wasn’t right, until 6 years ago. After losing Bailee and Splash (mom and son) within one week of each other, through the pain we found Tracker and Skye! The intent was to renew the breeding program with well-pedigreed show dogs from the beginning and build a high quality breeding program over the next two decades.

I love planning each breeding, caring for the mom-to-be, whelping and raising the litters. Developing relationships with our extended GoldenSoul family is fun and challenging to find the best Puppy Match based on the personality and inborn talents of the puppy and the experience, activities/lifestyle of the family, and their willingness to take their dog training and ownership up a level. Providing ongoing support to our extended family is not only a responsibility it is also gratifying to share my knowledge and expertise to help them raise their puppy to be the best dog possible!

I also enjoy overseeing the “careers” and successes of our own dogs. Each one is different and has his/her own skills/activities and interests. One loves Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, Obedience while another loves Lure Coursing and Rally.

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